Worker Solidarity Defeats the NY Constitutional Convention

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Brothers and Sisters,
Congratulations, we did it! We rose to the challenge and helped defeat the Constitutional Convention proposal in a landslide victory, with over 83 percent of New Yorkers voting NO on Prop. 1. Nothing makes me prouder to be union than when I see the fruits of labor solidarity.
A Constitutional Convention had the potential to gut vital worker protections. New York’s Constitution safeguards many of the workers’ rights we rely on today, like the right to collectively bargain, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, the eight-hour workday, civil service protections, and prevailing rate. Now, we get to rest easy knowing that those are still enshrined in our constitution and focus on strengthening workers’ rights.
When we heard that the rights we have worked for decades to secure would be at risk, we knew we had to give this battle our all. Members mobilized in extraordinary numbers, realizing the importance of defeating the ballot proposition in an impressive grassroots effort to preserve the rights protected by the state constitution. Hundreds of members joined in the campaign to defeat Prop. 1, knocking on their fellow union members’ doors to educate them on the dangers of a Constitutional Convention. Not only did members participate in events organized by the District Council, but they also became civically engaged on their own time – putting up lawn signs, posting on social media, and spreading the word on their worksites and in their homes. Most importantly, WE GOT OUT THERE AND MADE OUR VOICES HEARD. We are a big organization and we are active – a true force to be reckoned with!
We demonstrated that the labor movement has the power to influence public opinion and affect change. I want to personally thank all the members that knocked on doors, made phone calls, participated in town halls, educated friends and family and most importantly, thank you to all who voted. Our union derives its power from an educated and engaged membership. The NYCDCC was active in this successful campaign, and we won this together. This vote was a win for all New Yorkers, and a big win for union households.
But the fight is never over. We saw what it looks like when we come together. Let’s keep showing up and keep fighting.
In Solidarity
Joseph Geiger
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Jesse McKinley
NOV. 7, 2017