An Update on the Political Action Campaign from General Presiden McCarron

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UBC campaign update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we get closer to the election, we find ourselves needing to protect what the UBC has stood for over the past 135 years.

Donald Trump has said “I am 100% for Right-to-Work.” And Governor Mike Pence, his running mate, made Indiana a Right-to-Work state. Right-to-Work is BAD for workers and BAD for America.

We need to protect our way of life and not represent workers who do not pay their fair share of collective-bargaining costs. Right-to-Work results in lower paychecks, a bad economy, and could cost our members better jobs.

Below is a link to a Right-to-Work postcard campaign our members in targeted states will soon receive. Please use the forward link below to help us get the word out about what is at stake in this election. We need all UBC members and their families to VOTE on November 8th. Not voting is a vote for Trump!

Thank you for all your efforts as we continue to fight for UBC values.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Douglas J. McCarron
General President

Click to View the Right-To-Work Postcard

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P.S. We have launched the site where our members can see which candidate best aligns with what matters most to them. Try it for yourself today at!

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