UP4NYC Campaign Taking On 421a Reform, Upcoming Rally 6/2

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UP4NYC Campaign

The District Council’s own Labor Management Corporation is heading up a campaign aimed at fighting for and protecting New York City’s working families by fixing the state’s 421a state tax abatement program by requiring middle-class wages and affordable housing standards as part of 421a projects.

The 421a tax abatement program is failing to fulfill its purpose.  The policy has a become tool for tax breaks for wealthy developers, who in turn often refuse to pay their workers, the ones actually building the housing, a good wage. Furthermore, many developers are not required to build affordable housing within the developments. So, while the rich are getting tax breaks, the hard working men and women constructing the buildings are not able to live anywhere near them.


The Building & Construction Trades Council is planning a rally:
Tuesday, June
 – 12:00pm
East Capital Park State Street, Albany NY 12210

The purpose of the rally is to advocate for 421a Reform, which should include prevailing wages.  The state gives away over a billion dollars annually in tax breaks to developers with no labor standards attached.  If developers are receiving a break, working families should too!  Fix 421a!

Information about busing up to Albany and departure and return details can be found on the Union Activity page, and Members MUST CALL 212-366-7810 to REGISTER FOR THIS OPTION.


To find more information, sign a letter to your elected officials, or see the video campaign for UP4NYC, you can visit their website.  You can also download or view the flyer for the upcoming rally.