UBC International Training Center Mandatory Vaccination Policy

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Jobsite safety is the UBC’s number one priority, and part of jobsite safety is getting vaccinated when it becomes available to you. All members should be aware that the UBC International Training Center has implemented a mandatory vaccination policy for anyone who is attending any program or training. To help expedite the process, the Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) created a new COVID-19 Vaccine Verification additional qualification/certification to include proof of vaccination in the TRAIN system.

To ensure that vaccinated members receive the additional qualification/certification, NYCDCC members need to go to the NYC Carpenters Training Center and show the staff their completed proof of vaccination record.  At that time, members will have to review and sign a form acknowledging that they understand that their vaccination information will be stored in the system. However, the image of the vaccination card will NOT be uploaded to the system. The decision to sign the form is voluntary and those not signing it will not have their vaccination information stored on TRAIN. This process is similar to when a member has a training certification from a third-party entity, such as a welding certification. Adding this to the TRAIN system shows that the member has indicated that they have the credential, but does not validate that credential.

Then, training center staff will upload the vaccination information for this qualification/certification into the TRAIN system. Following the upload, it will be visible on the member’s Training Verification Card (TVC). In addition, a CITF skill code (VACCINE) will be added to the member’s record in the Personify system. Many jobs are now requiring vaccines. This CITF skill code will help individual members and employers—and will allow dispatchers to quickly identify eligible members when a request for a vaccinated crew comes in.

Thank you in advance for your commitment and dedication to being a role model on the jobsite and promoting a productive work environment.

Please contact the CTC at 212-727-2224 with questions