Our union is proud to announce the Carpenters RISE Program!

Our goal is to empower YOU, our members, on and off the jobsite!


Together, we will build carpenter power and make big impacts on our jobs and for our families. The most effective way to build carpenter power is to elect those who believe in carpenter power and who will support our fight in securing good-paying jobs, health benefits, and safety standards for the working class. That means YOU need to be registered to vote!


See if you’re registered to vote!



WE VOTE UNION When we make our voices heard, we let politicians know they better stand up for:

Important Dates and Deadlines:

• City Council Special Election (District 31) takes place: February 23, 2021

• City Council Special Election (Districts 11 and 15) takes place: March 23, 2021

• Voter Registration Deadline to vote in the 2021 City Council Primary: May 28th

 Deadline to Request an absentee ballot for the 2021 City Council Primary: June 15th (June 21st if applying in person)

• Deadline to mail in absentee ballot for 2021 City Council Primary: June 22nd

• City Council Primary Election takes place: June 22, 2021

• City Council General Election takes place: November 2, 2021


Registering to Vote Empowers Union Jobs and Values!