Candidate Endorsements


New York State Special Elections & State Legislature 2022 Elections

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NYCDCC City Council Endorsements

In advance of a pivotal election year for New York City, the New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters, a 20,000-member strong carpenters union, the following candidates have been endorsed by the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

This year’s endorsements were a part of a bold union-wide initiative called Carpenters RISE that empowers membership to become directly involved in the political process in their communities and beyond. Each candidate participated in a rigorous member-led endorsement process, which included union members representing each candidate’s district. The candidates represent a diverse set of ideologies that embody the union’s values and goals to protect the working class.

District                        Candidate

Mayor                                     Eric Adams

Comptroller                          Corey Johnson

2                                              Carlina Rivera

3                                              Erik Bottcher

4                                              Keith Powers

6                                              Gale Brewer

11                                           Eric Dinowitz

13                                           Marjorie Velazquez

14                                           Pierina Sanchez

15                                           Ischia Bravo

18                                           Amanda Farias

20                                           Sandra Ung

21                                           Francisco Moya

22                                           Tiffany Caban

23                                           Linda Lee

25                                           Shekar Krishnan

27                                           Jason Clark

28                                           Adrienne Adams

30                                           Robert Holden

31                                           Selvena Brooks-Powers

33                                           Lincoln Restler

34                                           Jen Gutierrez

35                                           Crystal Hudson

37                                           Sandy Nurse

38                                           Alexa Aviles

39                                           Briget Rein

41                                           Alicka Ampry Samuel

42                                           Nikki Lucas

43                                           Justin Brannan

45                                           Farah Louis

46                                           Shirley Paul

49                                           Ranti Ogunleye

50                                           David Carr


Priority Races

The New York City District Council of Carpenters has announced the first round of races it will be making a priority during the 2021 New York City Election Cycle. Each of these candidates have gone above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment to the labor movement and, if elected, will help ensure the next New York City Council is a friend to labor and all working New Yorkers.  View the full list Priority Races.

Candidate Oppositions

Queens Borough President Race — Opposing Jimmy Van Bramer:

There are enough anti-jobs and anti-labor elected officials in this country- we don’t need one in Queens Borough
Hall. Council member Van Bramer’s opposition to Amazon robbed New Yorkers of billions of dollars in
investments for better schools, less traffic, and affordable housing. He’s not a progressive, he’s a typical politician
and we’ll make sure the voters of Queens know that. Read EST Joe Geiger’s opposition op-ed in the Queens Daily Eagle here