Political Action



Members Rallying for the Hillary Clinton Campaign.


The Political Action Department is the political arm of the New York City District Council of Carpenters, taking action at the legislative and political levels.

The District Council PAC Committee – made up of the Executive Board, Executive Secretary Treasurer, President and Vice President – interviews and endorses candidates in Local, City, State and Federal races with Delegate Body Approval. In these races, we provide support both financially and through the Member Participation Program. These activities include leafleting, door-to-door canvassing, phone banking and rallies.

**Political Candidate Endorsement: If you are a Local, City, State, or Federal political candidate seeking the endorsement of the District Council, please fill out the 2020 NYS Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire. A staff member from the Political Action team will follow up, if further information is required.


The District Council advocates at the Local, City, State and Federal levels. In most instances, legislation falls into one of two categories: Job opportunity creation (such as the approval of the Javits Center expansion or the siting of the Bronx Water Filtration Plant) or worker health and safety (such as requiring scaffolding erector training in New York City or banning the use of the carcinogenic wood preservative creosote). We also work closely with various governmental agencies pertaining to the construction industry.

The construction industry is inherently intertwined with government whether through the land use process, contracting opportunities, labor law, and health and safety regulation.  By actively participating in the process we can increase market share for our contractors and members, protect their health and safety, and make it more difficult for non-union firms to operate in the underground economy.


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Being involved in the political process ensures the growth and security of working people and their families. Political action is an opportunity for members to have hands on involvement in city and state politics. A member’s participation in designated actives can be counted toward mandatory union participation. We organize events and programs for members to speak to other members about candidates and the importance of voting. Often our involvement in key political races changes the outcome. It is crucial for members to be advocates to make union voices heard.

Here’s how you can get involved right now:

Community Boards:

Community boards are representative bodies in local communities. They are involved in land use and zoning issues; making recommendations in conjunction with city agencies to the city budget; and addressing community concerns. In New York City, there are 59 community boards comprised of 50 members. Half of the board is nominated by the district city council member. The Borough President appoints members to the community board for two year terms. To be appointed, community members must be actively involved in the community board, this can be attending meetings or joining a committee. When a community board has an opening, an application will become available on the community board website.

For more information on community boards or political action, email Katie Shane kshane@nycdistrictcouncil.org.


To advance our interests as a union and advocate for all workers, it is pivotal that all members exercise their right to vote. Voting is your right as a citizen and your chance to choose and hold your elected officials accountable. Never underestimate the power of your vote.

To all New York State residents, in order to vote you must first be registered. Please click here to register to vote.

To look up your polling location, please click here.

To download an application for an absentee ballot click here.