NYCDCC Statement on Construction Industry Work

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Many members have raised questions about working.  Here are the facts as we know them at this time.

Governor Cuomo by executive order has designated construction work as essential work. That means that construction work is being treated the same as health care, police, fire, sanitation, transport, food, pharmacies, and similar essential work.  The full list of essential work can be found here: (

Construction jobs are up and working, employing many members.  The District Council supports opportunities for our members to work. Nevertheless, if a member feels uncomfortable about going to work because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that is up to the member and not the District Council, although the District Council would support a members making such a voluntary decision that should not be held against the member.  The District Council has no control over and cannot predict how the Unemployment Insurance division of the NYS Department of Labor (NYS DOL) would treat such a voluntary decision not to work doing what the government has determined is essential work.

The District Council is continuing its discussions with the NYS DOL about whether or not those voluntarily leaving jobs would be eligible for Unemployment Insurance.

Please continue to monitor the CODIV-19 Info Hub on the website for updates.