NYCDCC Second Slate of City Endorsements

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New York City District Council of Carpenters Endorses 12 Candidates in Key City Office Races

Carpenters Union selects diverse candidates in second slate who will advocate, protect, and stand up for the working class

New York, NY – In advance of a pivotal election year for New York City, the New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters (NYCDCC), a 20,000-member strong carpenters union, today announced its second slate of endorsements for 12 candidates in key city races. The candidates represent a diverse set of ideologies that embody the union’s values and goals to protect the working class.

This year’s endorsements were a part of a bold union-wide initiative called Carpenters RISE that empowers membership to become directly involved in the political process in their communities and beyond. Each candidate participated in a rigorous member-led endorsement process, which included union members representing each candidate’s district.

“The District Council is excited to partner with these elected officials who are on the side of labor. The Council held an endorsement process where our members virtually met the candidates and asked important questions pertaining to their communities and districts. Each of these candidates impressed the Council and our members with their dedication to labor and their commitment to standing up and fighting side by side with us against unscrupulous contractors and those who would oppress the working class. I would also like to thank our members for their renewed commitment to our political process and being part of this member-led decision process. Together with these candidates we will all RISE and create better futures for hardworking New Yorkers,” stated Joseph Geiger, Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the District Council of Carpenters.

When speaking of the enriching experience of being able to participate in the political process, Charles Bullock, Local 926, District Council Member said, “Getting involved with our endorsement process was one of the best decisions I made. Now I know the union-backed candidate from my district represents me and my interests as a union carpenter. I believe safety standards, family-sustaining wages, and healthcare are rights that no employer should be allowed to take away – and my candidate does, too.”

Echoing her union-brother’s sentiments, Alexandra Guadalupe, Local 212, District Council Member added, “I’m blessed to be part of a union that seeks input from the members who live in the same districts as the candidates we are endorsing. That’s why I’m confident our endorsement and the partnership with my candidate will go far. I’m thrilled to take on the big issues, such as tax fraud, plaguing our communities with my candidate. For change to work, we must all RISE together!”

Below is a list of second slate candidates that have earned an endorsement from the New York City District Council of Carpenters:

Candidate District
Gale Brewer Council District 6
Marjorie Velazquez Council District 13
Tiffany Caban Council District 22
Robert Holden Council District 30
Lincoln Restler Council District 33
Crystal Hudson Council District 35
Alicka Ampry-Samuel Council District 41
Nikki Lucas Council District 42
Shirley Paul Council District 46
Ranti Ogunleye Council District 49
David Carr Council District 50
Jumaane Williams Public Advocate



District 13: Marjorie Velazquez

“Marjorie has been a friend to union carpenters throughout her career. She knows of the importance and impact that apprenticeship opportunities can have on a community and is a stalwart supporter of bringing good careers, like union carpentry, into her district.” – Dave Caraballoso, District Council Representative



District 6: Gale Brewer

“Whether as Council Member or Borough President, Gale Brewer has been a great friend of the Carpenters for two decades. No matter the time or place, Gale always shows up to stand up for our brothers and sisters.” – Allison Flamberg, Local 157, District Council Member  



District 30: Robert Holden 

“Robert Holden believes in bringing union carpenters to the table and ensuring we have a voice when others would like to silence us. He has decades of experience in serving his community and doing whatever it takes to make his district a better place – that’s why I’m excited to endorse Robert Holden.” – Marty Flash, District Council Representative


District 22: Tiffany Caban

“Tiffany Caban’s passion and enthusiasm for unions and her community is palpable. Hailing from a union family, she learned first-hand what unions can do to uplift working families. I am excited to work with Tiffany to get our members on projects in our area!” Sam Caraballoso, Local 212, District Council Member



District 33: Lincoln Restler 

“Lincoln Restler is eager to work with the NYCDCC. He has a history of standing up to greedy developers. We need to make sure we have strong members in the City Council who can stand up for us, which is why I am so proud to support Lincoln for District 33!” – Jodie Ann Beatty, District Council Representative


District 35: Crystal Hudson 

“Crystal Hudson embraces all the qualities that make union carpenters great. She takes initiative within her community and isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. I know Crystal will be a great Council Member and a friend to the union for years to come.” – Michael Teta, Local 926, District Council Member


District 41: Alicka Ampry-Samuel

“Since entering office, Alicka Ampry-Samuel has been an unapologetic fighter for unions and the Carpenters. I am proud that we can count on her to help our members in both her community, and Brooklyn overall.” – Kenneth Molloy, Local 157, District Council Member


District 42: Nikki Lucas 

“Nikki Lucas has been a friend to the Carpenters for years. From partnering with us at our career fairs to joining us at our neighborhood charity events, like the turkey giveaways, Nikki has been there for us and her community. I am proud to endorse Nikki Lucas.” – Shaun Campbell, Local 926, District Council Member


District 46: Shirley Paul

“The most important quality of a candidate is that they hold the same values that you do, and that they have gumption to fight on behalf of those values. Shirley Paul fights against wage theft, joins us at rallies, and supports prevailing wage. I’m proud to endorse Shirley!” – Joseph Moeller, Local 157, District Council Member



District 49: Ranti Ogunleye

“Ranti Ogunleye prides himself on looking out for the hardworking members of his community. His passion and fervor for upholding union ethics and uplifting the working-class shines through. We are proud to work with someone like Ranti.” – Earl Lindsey, Local 20, District Council Member


District 50: David Carr

“We need people in City Council who are experienced with union issues and development projects in the area and that is David Carr. As a dedicated member of the NYCDCC and resident of Staten Island, I’m thrilled to support Council Member Carr look forward to partnering with him in the near future.” – Stephanie Carabello, Local 157, District Council Member




Jumaane Williams

“Jumaane Williams has been a friend to labor and the Carpenters for many years. He has stood up with us to unscrupulous contractors and partnered with us on many local charity and neighborhood initiatives. I am thrilled to endorse Jumaane for re-election to New York City Public Advocate.” – Sinade Wadsworth, District Council Representative




The New York City District Council of Carpenters is a representative body comprised of nine individual Locals and 22,000 union members. The District Council functions as the voice for thousands of New York City’s most dedicated and skilled Carpenters, Millwrights, Dockbuilders, Marine Divers, Core Drillers, Timbermen, Concrete Carpenters, Cabinetmakers, Floorcoverers and Industrial Workers.