NYCDCC Remembers Those Lost on 9/11

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Brothers and Sisters,

The memories of this day, sixteen years ago, still feel as immediate as if they happened yesterday.  For so many of our members, who raced downtown upon hearing about the tragic events of that day, the horror and shock of the moment was replaced with a burning need to help their fellow New Yorkers, to bring some stability and structure to the chaos and destruction that was engulfing downtown Manhattan.  Everyone across our city, and even across our nation, was hurting that day, and it was only after we were able to clear the wreckage that everyone could finally see what we had lost.

We’ve added a lot of great brothers and sisters to our ranks since that day, and as our skills and specialties prove every day, we’re builders.  But for everything new that gets built in our great city, we never forget what happened before.  Among the thousands of lives that were tragically cut short that day, there were 18 of our own members were lost.  But for all the new names that have entered the halls of our Local Unions, those 18 name will never be forgotten:

Sean Canavan, Local 608
Martin Coughlan, Local 608
Matthew Diaz, Local 2287
Paul Gill, Local 608
Mauricio Gonzalez, Local 608
Maurice Kelly, Local 157
Chris Kirby, Local 608
Benjamin Millman, Local 608
Joseph Mistrulli, Local 157
Brian Monaghan, Local 157
David Ortiz, Local 608
Joseph Piskadlo, Local 157
John Rizzo, Local 608
Daniel Rosetti, Local 15
David Ruddle, Local 157
Stephen Russell, Local 45
Erik Sanchez, Local 2287
Patrick Woods, Local 608

We will never forget,
Joseph Geiger
Executive Secretary-Treasurer

NYCDCC Officers Stephen McInnis, Joseph Geiger, and Michael Cavanaugh stand with the memorial to our fallen brothers on 9/11.


At 8:46 AM, the apprentices and Carpenters Training Center staff stand for a moment of silence to remember those lost on 9/11, and to read the names of the 18 NYCDCC members lost that day.