NYCDCC Meets With Elected Officials at NABTU Conference

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NABTU Conference

On April 2nd, the North American Building Trades Unions Conference was held in Washington DC, where approximately 20 representatives from the NYCDCC met with various elected officials to discuss rebuilding America’s deteriorating infrastructure, safety, and fair wages and benefits for workers.  Speakers from both sides of the aisle came out to show support for the Building Trades Unions importance to America’s growth and prosperity.  Senator Chuck Schumer, Representative Peter King,  Representative Dan Donovan, and Col.David Sutherland (US Army Ret.) were just a few of the many guest speakers.  On Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump addressed the Building Trades delegation in person.  He spoke of investing in America’s future and creating more construction jobs, and addressed the need for bipartisan support to move forward and help working families.