Notice of New Pilot Program for the Out of Work List Implementing New 45 Day Rule

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Effective October 15, 2017 and running for six months through April 14, 2018, the District Council’s OWL, in conjunction with the Court ­appointed Independent Monitor, will be implementing a pilot program by which persons on the OWL on their first or second dispatch will be dropped from the list upon reaching the 45th day on a referred job. The three dispatch rule will otherwise remain in effect.

The purpose for this pilot program is to test whether the lists will cycle faster and prevent the phenomenon by which individuals referred from the OWL remain on, and advance up, the list while working on a referred job for many months or several years.

The Independent Monitor approved of this pilot program in his Fourth Interim Report filed with the Court on April 7, 2017. The Office of the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York has reviewed this pilot program. This pilot program is beginning now with the implementation of the UBC’s and the District Council’s new IT and tracking programs, Personify and Union Fusion, respectively.

The actual counting of the days worked on a particular job will only start on October 15, 2017. So, for example, a person on his or her first referral who has been on a job for three months will have the 45-day period calculated from October 15, 2017.

In order to discourage persons from leaving a job early, the District Council’s Rep Center will follow up all instances of someone leaving or otherwise being terminated from a referred job resulting from a first or second dispatch during the 40th to 44th day on the job.