Next Level Journeymen Program

Next Level Journeymen Program

The Next Level Journeymen program is specifically for returning Journeymen who have exemplified the principles of the UBC Journeymen program. Participants should be members who have successfully completed the UBC Journeymen program and returned back to their job sites to make a measurable impact or stepped up in a leadership role at the Council level. This program is only open to returning Journeymen who have completed the UBC Journeymen program.
  • Next Level Journeymen Program

    Carpenters International Training Center, Las Vegas, NV

    Must have completed 300 Hitters Program to be eligible

  • *You must be in good standing in order to participate in this event.  All Local Union dues and WDA’s must be paid.*

  • (*** If no t-shirt size is selected, size XL will be ordered.***)
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  • Special Requirements


    Please note that airline tickets will be purchased as round trip tickets.  All flights will depart out of Newark Liberty International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, or LaGuardia Airport.  If after review of this application, it is determined that you are eligible to participate, all booked flights are finalNo changes to flight details will be made.  If you must cancel your flight, all costs associated with your flight and cancellation must be reimbursed to the LTC or District Council, as necessary.  If you attend the event but are required to leave early, then all hotel or flight costs must be reimbursed to the District Council.  Exceptions may be made at the District Council’s or the LTC’s exclusive discretion, which may include medical issues, emergency, etc.  See the accompanying UBC Attendance Policy.

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