National Apprenticeship Week 2017

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The National Apprenticeship Week gives us a chance to celebrate the successes our apprenticeship programs produce each year. We boast over 1,500 carpenter apprentices and 14,000 journey level carpenters getting the best training in the business right here at our Carpenters Training Center. Since 1881, we have paved the path for people to become the finest trained carpenters and related specialty tradespeople who will go on to build the skyline of New York.
An Apprenticeship can happen in so many different ways: following in the footsteps of a union household; an alternative to a four-year college degree; or even a stepping stone from a service organization like Nontraditional Employment for Women or Helmets 2 Hardhats. Whatever the road to an apprenticeship, the path forward is always the same: an opportunity at a lifelong career, and a pathway to the middle class.
We train apprentices in six New York State Department of Labor approved apprenticeship programs, and with the passage of Intro1447c legislation, and the implementation of apprenticeship programs like ours, we are hopeful that the added focus on safety and precautions will stem the tide of preventable accidents on jobsites.
Let us take the time to celebrate and mentor the next generation of union carpenters. Our apprentices represent the future, and we at the NYCDCC are committed to making that future bright.
In Solidarity,
Joseph Geiger
Executive Secretary-Treasurer