Memo from EST Joseph Geiger about 50 Hudson Yards

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Brothers and Sisters –


It has come to my attention that there are some misunderstandings about the recent agreement the District Council reached with Related at Hudson Yards.

For clarity, my number one job as the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of this union is to create work opportunities and protect the interest of all members of the District Council. Our agreement with Related at Hudson Yards will result in millions of man-hours for current members, help provide health care to more than 58,000 active/retired members and ensure a financially sound pension system that will allow current and future retirees to retire with dignity.

That is why I and the Executive Committee recommended and the Delegate Body ratified the MOA for 50 Hudson Yards. Other members of the Building and Construction Trade Council are not working on this project. Many members of the other unions are exercising their right to rally, organize and picket the job site. 

The District Council still belongs to the Building and Construction Trades Council. We continue to collaborate on legislative issues such as “Definition of Public Works” and negotiating agreements with NYC public agencies. However, like other large coalitions, we do not agree on everything.

There are also several large projects throughout the city that we picket that other building trades unions are working on. That is the reality of the market and your District Council will continue to innovate, adapt, and modernize to ensure our members go to work.

We will continue to lead the unionized construction industry into the 21st century.


Joseph Geiger
Executive Secretary-Treasurer