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OWL Vaccination Skill

Due to the high demand for fully vaccinated workers from Contractors, the OWL now has the option to place the skill “Covid Vaccinated” on your profile.

If you have already provided the Carpenters Training Center (CTC) with a copy of your Vaccination Card, the OWL will place the skill on your profile automatically. If you have not provided proof of vaccination to the CTC and would like to add the “Covid Vaccinated” skill on your profile for dispatching purposes you may call the OWL at 212-366-3330 between the hours of 8am-6pm (as of April 4, 2022) Monday through Friday.

By adding the “Covid Vaccinated” skill to your profile, you acknowledge:

  1. that you are vaccinated and have a recognized proof of vaccination;
  2. that the employer/contractor requesting the vaccination will require that you present proof of vaccination for entry to the jobsite and to begin employment; and
  3. that if you are unable to present proof you will be charged for the referral and will not be entitled to any pay or benefits from the employer/contractor.


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