Letter of Support from a Union Brother during the COVID-19 Crisis

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The global COVID-19 pandemic we are navigating as a society is unprecedented. Even the most well-prepared entities with the most detailed emergency plan encounter challenges. It is the nature of the ever-evolving crisis and the millions of interlaced parts.

We swiftly took action to implement our contingency plan with success, seamlessly streamlining our operations and keeping members informed without delay. There are difficult discussions and decisions, but our members are always our top priority. We continue to work for our members so they are provided for for the duration of the crisis.

We would would like to thank a union brother who so articulately shared his support of our efforts during this extremely trying time. We have made adjustments to the OWL and we continue to talk with contractors who have jobs up and running about safety precautions to keep our members healthy. You can read his letter here.