Joseph A. Geiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Joseph Geiger is the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters. His involvement with the Union is extensive: working his way up through the ranks, holding numerous positions in the field, and committing to various leadership roles during his 34 years with the organization. As EST, Joe currently oversees the operations of the over 20,000 member organization, comprised of nine local unions covering a wide range of trade specialties.JosephGeiger_NYCDCC_EST

Joe was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He joined Timberman Local Union 1536 on July 4, 1984 at the age of seventeen, where he started his career as a timberman helper. A leader in the field, Joe worked his way up to Journeyman, Shop Steward, Foreman, and finally to General Foreman. This ambition translated to getting involved with his Local Union in leadership roles as he began to exercise his voice in union activity.

Joe held many positions in his Local Union, and ultimately the District Council. He became highly involved in Local 1536, where he held positions as Treasurer, President, Delegate, and serving on the Trial Committee. After their merger into Dockbuilders/Timbermen Local Union 1556, Joe served as President and Delegate to the District Council. In 2005 he was hired as a Business Representative at the District Council, during which time, Joe continued to serve as a Trustee. In December, 2013, he was elected to the Office of Executive Secretary-Treasurer, and he was reelected after running unopposed in December 2014.

Joseph strives to enhance the livelihoods of his fellow brothers and sisters through his roles as a co-chairman on the New York City District Council of Carpenters Benefit Funds and as co-director of the New York City and Vicinity Carpenters Labor Management Corporation. Consistently endeavoring to educate members on the importance of the Union, he plans to build camaraderie throughout the Union, and keep the District Council on the road to self-governance.

Joseph lives in New Jersey with his wife, Debbie and has four children; Frank, Joseph Jr., Robert, and Brittany.

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Graham McHugh

Graham McHugh is serving as President Pro-Tem of the New York City District Council of Carpenters as he approaches 30 years with the carpenters union.  He has served in a number of onsite, interoffice, and local union leadership roles that have paved the way for him to rise through the ranks with the backing of his union brothers and sisters, always keeping the membership foremost in his mind.

Graham was born into a family of carpenters, his father Thomas, his brother Derek, and a number of cousins and uncles.  Graham started as a 1st-year apprentice at the Labor Technical College in 1990 straight out of high school, and graduated to become a highly motivated Journeyman carpenter, working “on the tools” around New York City for over 20 years.  He proceeded to incorporate himself into all aspects in the field, working interiors, exteriors, etc. and even as an acting foreman when required.  He began to get involved heavily in his local union, Local 157, as well, running for leadership positions to begin lending his voice for the union membership.

In 2011 he was hired as a Council Representative, and was later elected a Delegate for Local 157, allowing him to deal with even more members face-to-face every day, culminating with his election in 2015 as Local 157’s President, and his reelection as well in 2017.  As President and Council Rep, Graham served on the NYCDCC’s Bylaws Committee, helped engineer the Shop Steward Certification Classes with the CTC, and reenergized his Local’s group and family outings, strengthening the camaraderie of the group with a Scholarship Golf Outing, Family Picnic, Fishing Trips, etc.

Graham now serves as trustee for the CCA Metro Board of Directors, the NYCDCC Benefits Fund, serves on the Manhattan Board of Business Agents, and has been instrumental in the recent hurricane relief efforts and partnership between the NYCDCC and HEART 9/11, ensuring that carpenters are on hand to help in any way they can with the disaster relief.

Graham currently lives in Eastchester, NY with his wife Johanna and has three sons, Ryan, Mathew, and Miles.

Michael Cavanaugh

Vice President

Vice President Michael Cavanaugh began his career as a United Brotherhood of Carpenters member and millwright apprentice 35 years ago. Throughout his storied career, Cavanaugh has held various leadership positions, including certified shop steward, foreman and general foreman. In each position, he has worked hard to earn the respect of his union brothers and sisters by fighting for their jurisdiction and treating them with respect.

Michael Cavanaugh

During his time as a millwright apprentice, Cavanaugh attended the New York District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College and upon completion; he competed in the New York City and New York State Apprentice Contest where he finished in first place. In order to pass along the skills and positive attitude he garnered through the years, Cavanaugh decided to become an evening instructor at the Labor Technical College until the implementation of the day program.

From there, he became a Trustee in Local 740 in 1995. In addition, he served as a Financial Secretary Delegate and an Executive Delegate all while remaining a loyal, dedicated leader and advocate for his local. He’s also held positions on the By-Law Committee, the Scholarship Committee and the District Council Trial Committee.

In 2005, Cavanaugh became a Business Representative for Millwright Local 740 and later served as Business Manager. As Vice President, Cavanaugh remains a dedicated advocate for the rank and file and all workers’ rights. He is committed to making the right decisions that will benefit all members including contentious issues such as retirement and health care benefits.

Cavanaugh is a third generation member of the Carpenters and married with three children.