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Mayor Illegally Cuts Benefits to Zero for City Workers, Violation of NYS Constitution and Two NYS Supreme Court Restraining Orders

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Carpenters Call On de Blasio to Restore Cuts, Settle Contract (Coverage in LaborPress)

‘Progressive’ de Blasio actually hurt unions, lawyer claims (Coverage in the NY Post)

Carpenters Hammer de Blasio Over Benefit Cutbacks, Stalled Pay Talks (Coverage in the Chief Leader)

NEW YORK, NY – The New York City District Council of Carpenters (NYCDCC) is seeking an injunction against the City of New York for violating the Taylor Law, specifically the Triborough Doctrine, by unilaterally reducing annuity and vacation time dramatically and eliminating paid sick leave for civil service carpenters. This case, as well as motions against the city for violating Labor Law §220 Prevailing Wage and the contempt charges for violating two Temporary Restraining Orders against these reductions, will be heard this July in New York State Supreme Court by the Honorable James D’Auguste at 80 Centre Street, New York. The outcome of this case has the potential to affect the stability of benefits for all workers employed by the city.

A press conference was held on July 13, 2017, at City Hall to inform the public about the infractions. Those in attendance included city council members Alan Maisel, Daneek Miller, Ritchie Torres, Ben Kallos, Fernando Cabrera, Mark Levine, Daniel Dromm, Elizabeth Crowley, and Barry Grodenchik; representatives and members from New York City Central Labor Council, Transit Workers Union Local 100, Municipal Labor Committee, NYC Building and Construction Trades Council, Teamsters Local 237, IUPAT  Local 1969, SEIU Local 246, Local Union #3 IBEW, International Union of Operating Engineers along with other organizations; and friends of labor, Father Brian Jordan, and Bob Grogan.

During the press conference, NYCDCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Geiger had a few questions for Mayor Bill de Blasio, “Another question for the Mayor, what we personally ask him is, what happens when you win in court? Have you just shown every future mayor how to cut benefits for all our teachers, police officers, firemen, and our housing authority employees while in bargaining process? If you lose, how will you explain being the first mayor being held in contempt of court for taking away the middle class of New York’s benefits?”

The Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations dismissed the protections outlined in the Triborough Doctrine, which is provisioned in the New York State Constitution, and cut Annuity from $7.22 to $0.22 per hour, vacation time from 27 days to 1 day per year, and paid sick time to zero for city carpenters. The Triborough Doctrine prevents an employer from changing terms and conditions of employment, which includes benefits, in exchange for no worker strikes. It requires employers to negotiate in good faith, therefore employers changing terms and conditions of employment after a contract expires, but before a new contract is negotiated, constitutes an Improper Practice under the Public Employees’ Fair Employment Act. NYCDCC Executive Secretary Treasurer Joseph Geiger clarifies, “We are simply seeking to restore the essential benefits the men and women of this city so well deserve.”

2017 District Council Election Documents Available Online

The attached 2017 Draft Election Rules and Exhibits will be posted on the Council Website in the Members Section.  Any member with comments can contact the Independent Monitor Glen McGorty at Monitor-McGorty@crowell.com.

Court Approved Election Rules


NYC Carpenters Endorse Candidates for City Council

NEW YORK, NY – The New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters, a representative body comprised of nine locals and nearly 25,000 members, endorsed candidates in several key City Council races today. The District Council supports these candidates because of their proven record of advocacy for union members and their families.

“The Carpenters Union is proud to offer our endorsement and support to these candidates for City Council. They have demonstrated a firm commitment to our membership and all working class New Yorkers. We will work tirelessly to ensure their election and look forward to partnering with them in their role as Councilmembers.” -Joseph A. Geiger, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, NYC & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters

The NYC District Council of Carpenters is known for their expansive field operation and is prepared to be an active force in the 2017 election cycle. The District Council views participation in the electoral process as critical to protecting the livelihood of its membership. Fighting for candidates that will represent working class men and women is a role the District Council proudly embraces.

The full list of NYC District Council endorsed candidates can be found below:

CD 2 (Lower East Side): Carlina Rivera
CD 3 (Chelsea): Corey Johnson
CD 5 (UES, Roosevelt Island): Ben Kallos
CD 6 (Upper West Side): Helen Rosenthal
CD 7 (Northern Manhattan): Mark Levine
CD 9 (Harlem): Marvin Holland
CD 13 (Bronx): Mark Gjonaj
CD 14 (Bronx): Fernando Cabrera
CD 15 (Bronx): Ritchie Torres
CD 16 (Bronx): Vanessa Gibson
CD 17(Bronx): Rafael Salamanca
CD 21 (East Elmhurst, Corona): Francisco Moya
CD 22 (Astoria): Costa Constantinides
CD 23 (Queens): Barry Grodenchik
CD 24 (Queens): Rory Lancman
CD 25 (Queens): Daniel Dromm
CD 26 (Long Island City): Jimmy Van Bramer
CD 27 (Jamaica): Daneek Miller
CD 28 (Southeast Queens): Hettie Powell
CD 29 (Queens): Karen Koslowitz
CD 30 (Middle Village): Elizabeth Crowley
CD 32 (Queens): Eric Ulrich
CD 34 (Bushwick, Ridgewood): Antonio Reynoso
CD 36 (Brooklyn): Robert Cornegy
CD 37 (Brooklyn): Rafael Espinal
CD 40 (Brooklyn): Mathieu Eugene
CD 41 (Brooklyn): Deidre Olivera
CD 45 (Brooklyn): Jumaane Williams
CD 46 (Brooklyn): Alan Maisel
CD 49 (Staten Island): Deb Rose

Download Press Release

Cutoff Date For Direct Deposit for Vacation Payments is August 1st

Instructions on how to enter your personal savings or checking account information on the District Council website and the Benefit Funds’ website (*if you wish to receive your vacation payments in this manner). 

If you would prefer to be paid via direct deposit, we urge you to sign up now! Remember, those of you who do not submit your banking information to us by the end of July (August 1st is the cutoff date) will automatically be sent a rapid! PayCard and will need to at least receive the September vacation payment through the card before you can switch to direct deposit at a later date.

For instructions on how to provide us your banking information, click HERE.

If you have any issues logging into our website, or you have questions about entering your banking information, please call our Member Services Department at (800) 529-FUND (3863).

Contact Bill Lacey (212-366-3305, wlacey@nycdistrictcouncil.org) for any questions regarding sponsorship, vendors, or details on the day of the event.

Union Fusion Portal and Operation Watchdog are now Available to all Members

The NYC District Council has launched our new members system called Union Fusion which is designed to:

  1. allow members access to more union and personal information, including work hours, benefit hours, and contact information
  2. allow all interactions between the member and their union to happen in one place
  3. improve communications between the union and it’s members

With the introduction of Union Fusion, methods of reporting hours used by Shop Stewards/Timekeepers will be significantly modernized.  Hours can now be reported electronically using a smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer.

To log in, simply use the same information you would to log into the main District Council website (your email address and personal password).

All information pertaining to the new system, including tutorials on how to access and utilize it, the functions for both shop stewards and members, quick links for easy access, and much more is available by logging into the District Council Website, and clicking “Union Fusion” in the Members Section.

*Please Note: your login information for the Benefits website will not work for Union Fusion, only the info you use to login to the main District Council website.*

Contract Rate Sheets Updated on Website

Updated and new contract rate sheets have gone up on the DC website.  They will all be contained in the Member’s Library (under the item “Contract Rates”) or you can click here to be directly linked to the page.  Each will be notated when updated, if not notated they will be the 2016 version.

Proposed Amendment to NYCDCC Bylaws for Review

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Please review the proposed amendments to the NYCDCC bylaws and bring notifications or reviews to the attention of your Local Unions or Local Representatives.

For more information on the proposed amendments please attend your Local Union meetings or see the attached proposal.

Proposed Amendment

Out of Work List / New York City Housing Authority Resident Certification Available for Skills List

Any member that is a resident of NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) can apply to have their NYCHA residency added as a skill on their skills list available to employers.  To do so, simply print and fill out the form available on the DC website.


The Spring 2017 Carpenter Magazine should be arriving in your mailbox!  If you have not received previous issues, please update your address with the Change of Address department by calling 212-366-7336.

Also available on the DC website.


Take a look at this short video introducing you to Local Union 212 and their affiliated contractors who build concrete superstructures. Keep up to date with CCA Metro at www.ccametro.com.

Stay informed, stay active.

Local 740 Meeting
Thursday August 3rd
from 6:30 to 8:30 PM
89-07 Atlantic Ave.
Woodhaven NY 11421
Electronic Reporting Training 
Monday August 7th
from 4:00 to 6:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 9th Floor
New York NY 10014
UBC Latino Club Meeting
Monday August 7th
from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
3135 41st Street
Astoria, NY 11103
Local 212 Meeting
Tuesday August 8th
from 5:00 to 7:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York NY 10014

Retirees Guild Meeting
Wednesday August 9th
from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 10th Floor
New York NY 10014

Delegate Meeting
Wednesday August 9th
from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 10th Floor
New York NY 10014

Local 926 Meeting
Tuesday August 15th
from 5:30 to 7:30 PM
345 78th Street
Brooklyn NY 11209

Attend your upcoming Local Union meetings.

Local 2287 Meeting
Wednesday August 16th
from 5:00 to 8:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York NY 10014

Local 157 Meeting
Thursday August 17th
from 4:00 to 7:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York NY 10014

Local 2790 Meeting
Thursday August 17th
from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
89-07 Atlantic Ave.
Queens NY 11421

Local 20 Meeting
Monday August 21st
from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
397 Clarke Ave
Staten Island NY 10306

Local 1556 Meeting
Tuesday August 22nd
from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York NY 10014

Local 45 Meeting
Tuesday August 29th
from 5:00 to 7:00 PM
51 Roosevelt Ave.
Valley Stream NY 11581

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