Office of the Inspector General

Office of the Inspector General

OIG Hotline

The Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) Hotline is a clearing house for receiving and handling allegations regarding fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or misconduct affecting jobsites within the Council’s jurisdiction. Examples of allegations that should be reported to the OIG Hotline include:

Members working for less than what is provided for under the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA); Cheating on the OWL; Violating the UBC Constitution and NYC District Council by-laws; Contractors that are violating the CBA;deter-defend-protect-card

Members making complaints should think carefully about the allegation and the information they have available that can help the OIG determine whether mismanagement or misconduct has been committed. To process the allegations, the OIG will need you to provide as much information as possible regarding the allegations.

Richard Green was appointed to the position of Inspector General of the New York City District Council of Carpenters on November 1, 2020.  Richard is a 30 year veteran and recent retiree of the New York City Police Department, where he served in various investigative roles.  Additionally, Richard served as the Treasurer of the Captains Endowment Association, a municipal labor union representing members of the New York City Police Department in the rank of Captain and above.  He is a team oriented executive who welcomes input from all members of the organization.


Hotline Tips

UBC Tips Hotline

When calling the 1-855-UBC-TIPS Hotline, please have the following information available, if possible, in order to assist the Investigators in this matter:ig-tips-flyer

  • What is the nature of the complaint?
  • Who committed the wrongdoing (person, company or organization)?
  • What exactly did the individual or entity do?
  • Company name
  • General Contractor name
  • Name of any U.B.C. members
  • Name of any NYCDC employees
  • Location
  • Floor
  • Hours when work is performed
  • Type of work
  • How many carpenters
  • When did it happen?
  • Who else has knowledge of the potential wrongdoing?

Without sufficient information the OIG may be unable to act on allegations reported. The more information you can provide, the better chance the OIG has of determining whether any wrongdoing has been committed. The OIG is very interested in the information you have provided regarding waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement or misconduct.

Thank you for your time and commitment to the Carpenters Union.


Complete an Online Complaint Form



Reminder to Members on the Out-of-Work List

**Members that are registered on the Out-of-Work List are reminded that they must immediately notify the Job Referral Department if they have found employment. Any member who fails to report that they have found employment will be in violation of Section III Rule #11 of the Job Referral Rules and may also be subject to punitive action by the Office of the Inspector General.** 



11. Carpenters Must Report Employment:

Carpenters must immediately call the job referral dispatch number, 800-858-8683 or 1- 212-366-3330, to report that he or she has found employment if they are also registered on the Job Referral List. A carpenter reporting employment will maintain his or her position on the Job Referral List until they receive their third referral, in accordance with Rule 22 which is stated below. Any carpenters who fails to report that they have found employment will be removed from the Out of Work list and may be subject to fines as follows: First time-$100.00; Second time- $250.00; Third time- $500.00.




Press Releases

1/11/13 – Updated forms required from all shop stewards

11/30/12 – Charge and trial program implemented as per decision regarding the District Council Trial Committee

11/29/12 – Extension of deadline required forms from all shop stewards are now due by 2/15/13

11/29/12 – Shop steward review operating procedures: Attention all shop stewards and members, view approved guidelines

10/1/12 – Misrepresentation: important notice for all members

9/7/12 – Shop steward notification: The Office of the Inspector General has recently mailed out a notification to all shop stewards in reference to section 39 of the bylaws adopted 8/5/11 by the District Council

6/27/12 – Safety seminar regarding drive operations: information on two July 2012 seminars offered to all divers, dive-tenders, designated person-in-charge

5/22/12 – Update regarding Operation “Gotcha”: members complaints lead to Inspector General uncovering contract and OSHA violations threatening safety of dockbuilder divers

12/5/11 – Report work hours function now available on the District Council website

9/6/11 – Update regarding fraud and permanent termination of welfare plan coverage (attachment: summary of material modifications from the Board of Trustees)

8/24/11 – OIG hotline submission form now available

6/9/11 – Important information regarding the Office of the Inspector General Hotline

4/18/11 – Judge John G Koetl sentences former on-par shop steward Mitchell to 60 months of imprisonment

1/6/11 – Message from IG regarding Judge Richard Berman order to uphold Review Officer Dennis Walsh’s decision

11/23/10 – Former EST Michael J. Forde sentenced

  • Statement by Supervisor Frank Spencer on sentencing of Michael J. Forde
  • News from the NYCDCC OIG
  • Statement from United State Attorney for the Southern District of New York re: Michael J. Forde’s Sentence
  • Letter from Supervisor Frank Spencer to Judge Victor Marrero

10/13/10 – NYCDCC Inspector General Office established

10/3/10 – Union charges filed against former officers


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