Hillary Clinton Wins the New York Primary

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Labor came out to support Hillary in a big way this Primary Day, and the NYCDCC was present every step of the way to help the former NY Senator to victory in her home state.

In the weeks leading up to the New York primary, we have been actively advocating for the candidate. On Saturday, April 9th, 2016, the NYCDCC took to the streets in support of Secretary Clinton, holding a rally at the Brooklyn Historical Society followed by door-knocking in Downtown Brooklyn. In attendance were UBC General President Douglas McCarron, Senator Chuck Schumer, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, and Assemblyman Walter Mosely. The District Council also made an official announcement of endorsement the following week.

The NYCDCC mobilized its members in preparation for the primary election, making our support known around the city. Hillary Clinton is a strong advocate for workers and understands the critical role unions play in strengthening the middle class and our economy. Her platform aligns with the needs of the hard working citizens of this country by supporting Davis-Bacon laws, promoting training, protecting collective bargaining rights and opposing right-to-work legislation. The race to the White House isn’t over yet and we will remain active in our support for Hillary Clinton.