Happy Holidays from the NYCDCC

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Brothers and Sisters,

We come to the end of another year, hoping that the strides we’ve made will instill a solid foundation for the beginning of next year.  And one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that we’re sticking together with those who believe in union ideals.

Our members are the most qualified carpenters around, and we get better every year.  We became a more specialized workforce, a more powerful political force, and a more inclusive community force with the actions we take year in and year out.  We’ve really aimed to improve our membership this year, bringing in the best new members we can find, and putting them to work in the best markets we can.

Our contractors are the best in the business, ensuring that New York City is being built by the best, and that workers are being given the dignity they deserve on the jobsite.  We’ve made it a our top priority to take back this city’s market share in a number of ways, and that starts with helping our contractors be the best they can.

And our families and friends, the ones that we’re so happy to get to spend our holidays with, know the value of those union ideals as well.  We’ve been constantly looking for ways to make things easier on you and your family, so that your main priority can be to go to work and provide for them.

Those union ideals are based on one solid principle: solidarity.  In standing together, we find ourselves stronger than we were apart, and it benefits so many more people than just our membership.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy holidays,

Joseph Geiger
Executive Secretary-Treasurer