Feature Stories

Contractor Spotlight: Creative Construction and Winco

Taking Back The Market 

The Carpenters are on the RISE!

Local 212 is Open for Business



A new High Rise Concrete Local Union is taking the city by storm, and helping the District Council recapture a market share it hasn’t seen in decades.




Drywall Machine of the Future drywall-machine-b


Drywall is such a large part of the District Council’s man hours; and with this new machine making it’s way across Union sites (and the Carpenter’s Training Center), our Carpenters are ahead of the curve.




The District Council and Forest City Ratner: Making Downtown Brooklyn Affordable



Affordable Housing is going to be such a big part of New York City; the District Council and Forest City Ratner are teaming up to make sure Brooklyn is a part of that trend in the best way.




Rockaway Boardwalk Reconstruction



After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the Far Rockaway Boardwalk is getting rebuilt and retooled, ready for any other superstorm that comes its way.




Hudson Yards: The New Manhattan Skyline



Hudson Yards is one of, if not the, largest construction projects to grace New York City, and it will alter the iconic skyline for generations.  The crew on those grounds is one that proudly represents the District Council.