Exercise Your Right to Vote


A Message From EST Joseph Geiger

Brothers and Sisters,

2020 is a year of change and a season of clarity. As we head into the General Election, I want to stress the importance of your exercising your right to vote. Your vote does not only impact you or your family; your vote affects millions of people across the country. Your vote is a vote for workers rights. It’s a vote for safer job sites. It’s a vote for responsible development. And it’s a vote for a better future for you and your families.

I encourage each and every one of you register to vote if you you haven’t done so already, and to vote on November 3rd. Talk to your friends and family; encourage them to vote, too. As a union, our strength is our unified voice, and with this election, it is important to vote for the best candidate who will support the workers who build this city, state, and country.

In Solidarity,

Joseph Geiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer