District Council Adds New Skill of “Pending Shop Steward”

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The District Council established a new skill on the OWL that will allow Shop Steward candidates to be dispatched whenever a Certified Shop Steward is unavailable. This new skill allows members who have shown initiative to become Shop Stewards to gain hands-on job site experience during their training. Members may contact either the Manhattan or Queens Rep Centers with questions.

The Pending Shop Steward skill would only be available to members if they have:

  1. Completed an application to become a Certified Shop Steward,
  2. Successfully completed the one-day evaluation and interview process to become a Certified Shop Steward,
  3. Completed a Section 504 affidavit, verified by the Inspector General’s Office, stating they are not barred under Section 504 of the LMRDA from serving by virtue of a disqualifying criminal conviction,
  4. Completed a declaration stating they are not a member of, or associated with, a banned criminal group or associated with any barred person; and,
  5. Commenced or are scheduled to commence a Shop Steward Training class.

The Pending Shop Steward skill would only be utilized when the OWL is unable to dispatch a Certified Shop Steward. In turn, the OWL would only dispatch a qualified member to serve as an Acting Shop Steward when no Pending Shop Steward is available. A Pending Shop Steward would be subject to the same procedures as apply to Acting Shop Stewards with the exception that a Pending Shop Steward would remain on a job until its completion unless they withdrew from or did not successfully complete Shop Steward Training. This new skill of Pending Shop Steward was reviewed and approved by the Court-appointed Independent Monitor, Glen G. McGorty, and the Office of the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.