December Newsletter

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Brothers and Sisters,

2018 was a great year for our union. We successfully celebrated the centennial of the NYC District Council, secured work and ensured good-paying jobs for our membership, and we were able to volunteer our skills to those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, just to name a few highlights. I am proud of everything we accomplished this year and am confident we have laid the groundwork for the next.

As we enjoy this holiday season with our families and look forward to what next year will bring, I want to emphasize the importance of togetherness and unity in our union values. There will always be those who seek to bring us down or stand in our way, but know that we are strong when we stand together. While this new year will bring prosperity, it will also bring challenges. However, we have the skills and resolve to meet each new obstacle head on.

We are the best in the business and the most qualified tradespeople in the industry. With every job, structure, and building we constructed this year, we left our mark and next year will be no different. We’ve made it our top priority to increase our market share by ensuring members have access to the best training and by working with local communities to increase our presence and recruit top talent.

Thank you for all your incredible hard work and support this year. More great things and success are on the horizon.

I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and safe holiday.

In Solidarity,
Joseph Geiger
Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Due to the observance of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, the Job Referral Department will be closed as of 4pm on:

Monday, December 24

Monday, January 31

Thank you, and have happy and safe holiday.

Toy Giveaway With State Senator Roxanne Persaud

On December 13, District Council Carpenters joined State Senator Roxanne Persaud of Queens, with No Child Left Behind, Inc. and Hebron Baptist Church, for a holiday toy giveaway for NYCHA Cypress Hills Houses residents in East New York.

Toy Giveaway With Bronx Assemblyman Marcos Crespo

On December 15, District Council Carpenters and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo teamed up to gift toys to families in need in the Bronx.

Local 45 Toy Giveaway

Throughout December, Local 45 held a toy drive for St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital. On December 19, the members delivered the toys to smiling and grateful children at the hospital.

The Graham Windham Organization Toy Giveaway

On December 20, Sisters in the Brotherhood delivered toys to the Graham Windham Organization, a New York City-based nonprofit that provides development services to children and families affected by abuse and neglect.

NYCDCC Benefit Funds Conference Center

The fifth floor of the District Council offices is welcoming a new conference room. The conference room is owned by the Benefit Funds and the construction is being done by multiple trades from the Building and Construction Trades of Greater New York.

Sign Up Now for the 300 Hitters Program

Taking place January 24-27, 2019, at the UBC International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 300 Hitters program is designed to give our journeymen a broader understanding of our union, the construction industry, and our role in shaping the future in the years ahead. During the program journeyman learn about the history of the UBC and the labor movement, participate in communications and public speaking workshops, learn valuable coaching and mentoring skills, meet with General President Douglas McCarron, participate in a Q&A with senior leadership from our council, and are asked to share their vision for the future of our union.


If you have any questions please contact:
Maria Delgado

Monthly MEND Meetings

The MEND Program (Members Education and Network for Dependency) holds monthly Peer Support Group meetings for NYCDCC Welfare Funds participants/dependents who are in both long and short term recovery, and wish to share their experiences, sources of strength, inspirations, and hopes for the future with fellow group members in attendance. These meetings take place in the MEND Office on the 5th Floor of 395 Hudson Street.

The next scheduled meeting is: Wednesday, January 30th, 4PM.

MEND meetings may be subject to change. Please contact the MEND Program at (212) 366-7590 or to confirm meeting dates.

(The goal of the MEND Program is to provide assistance to participants and dependents in addressing substance abuse issues.)

REMINDER: You MUST Report Divorce to the NYCDCC Welfare Fund

Failing to report a divorce while you have a spouse listed as a dependent under the NYCDCC Welfare Fund (the “Fund”) is a form of fraud and may result in grave financial repercussions and the loss of your health coverage.

This is especially true if your former spouse receives costly medical treatments after he/she is no longer eligible for coverage. Please read this explanation of the Fund’s rules and an example of how failing to follow these rules may impact you financially.

Union Fusion Now Available in Mobile View

A new feature has been released on Union Fusion! There is a mobile-view accessible for all users on their phones and tablets. On the upper-right hand corner, there is an option to “turn on mobile view.” The NYC District Council is committed to making changes that will allow users to easily access their hours for viewing/reporting functions.

Union Fusion is a web portal and management system that improves workflow and communications between members and the District Council’s system.

Log in to Union Fusion at

For assistance, please feel free to contact the Reporting hotline, 212-366-3331.

Attend your upcoming Local Union meetings. Stay informed, stay active.

Local 2287 Meeting
Third Wednesday of the Month
Next Meeting: Wednesday January 16
from 5:00 to 8:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York NY 10014

Local 157 Meeting
Third Thursday of the Month
Next Meeting: Thursday January 17
from 4:00 to 7:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York NY 10014

Local 2790 Meeting
Third Thursday of the Month
Next Meeting: Thursday January 17
from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
89-07 Atlantic Ave.
Queens NY 11421

Local 1556 Meeting
Fourth Tuesday of the Month
Next Meeting: Tuesday January 22
from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York NY 10014

Local 45 Meeting
Last Tuesday of the Month
Next Meeting: Tuesday January 29
from 5:00 to 7:00 PM
51 Roosevelt Ave.
Valley Stream NY 11581

Local 212 Meeting
Second Tuesday of the Month
Next Meeting: Tuesday January 8
from 5:00 to 7:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 2nd Floor
New York NY 10014

Delegate Meeting
Second Wednesday of the Month
Next Meeting: Wednesday January 9
from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
395 Hudson St., 10th Floor
New York NY 10014

Local 740 Meeting
First Thursday of the Month
Next Meeting: Thursday January 3
from 6:30 to 8:30 PM
89-07 Atlantic Ave.
Woodhaven NY 11421

Local 20 Meeting
Third Monday of the Month
Next Meeting: Monday January 21
from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
397 Clarke Ave
Staten Island NY 10306

Local 926 Meeting
Third Tuesday of the Month
Next Meeting: Tuesday January 15
from 5:30 to 7:30 PM
345 78th Street
Brooklyn NY 11209