Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Charles Johnson Jr. Memorial Scholarship Winners

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On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the NYCDCC Benefit Funds is pleased to announce that twenty-five students were recently notified that they have been awarded the Charles Johnson Jr. Memorial Scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic year. Each student will now receive a $3,500.00 per year scholarship, which is renewable up to four years at an accredited college or university.

Link to NYCCBF Announcement

Student Member Local
Gina L. Alvino Anthony Alvino 157
Anthony G. Anastasio Anthony Anastasio 157
Juliana R. Asaro Richard Asaro 1556
Dean A. Astarita Patrick Astarita 157
Thomas F. Astarita Patrick Astarita 157
Jessica P. Curcio Jaret Curcio 1556
Kevin P. Dennehy John Dennehy 157
Jessica M. Dijkstra Johan Dijkstra 45
Anthony M. Germano Michael Germano 2287
Richard V. Iocolano Richard Iocolano 926
Matthew Jacobsen David Jacobsen
Kayla J. James Matthew James 212
Brittany Kelly William Kelly 2287
Alayna King Elroy King 157
Alexander Lago Carlos Lago 2790
Christopher J. Longueira Frank Longueira 740
Amanda M. Lynch Timothy Lynch 157
Nicole M. McMullen Kevin McMullen 157
Alexandra C. Morace Frank Morace 20
Aisling R. O’Donnell Aidan O’Donnell 157
Nikki A. Stamile Roger Stamile 157
Hannah M. Sternberg Mark Sternberg 740
Nicholas A. Veszalovits Anthony Veszelovits 2790
Alexa V. Williams Leroy Williams 157
Nicholas A. Zangrillo John Zangrillo 926