Change of Address Forms and Process Updated

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Effective immediately, the District Council and Benefit Funds have made revisions to the Change-of-Address Form and its submission procedures to simplify the process for members.  Members will no longer be required to have the Change-of-Address Form notarized if they are not delivering it to the Fund Office in person. Instead, members will only need to send the form and a copy of a valid photo ID to officially make a change.

In addition to faxing, mailing, and submitting a Change-of-Address form in person, members will now also be able to send in forms via email at (Subject should be “Change-of-Address Form).

Members will be required to submit a physical address for our files. An alternate P.O. Box address will be acceptable for mailing purposes, but a physical address is now required.

Updated Change of Address Form

Member Forms Library

Memo from Joseph Geiger concerning updated forms

Please note that you will not need to change your address with both the NYCDCC Benefit Funds and the District Council separately now, because both entities will be working together to ensure that our members’ address information is coordinated.