Carpenters Funds Awarded Over $27M in Lawsuit Against Contactors Navillus and ACS

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EST Joseph Geiger and the Trustees of the NYC Carpenters Benefit Funds led an ERISA benefit funds collection lawsuit involving all the affiliated benefit funds of the unions in the high rise building structural concrete industry against Navillus and ACS that resulted in a $76M win for all the benefit funds, which means for union workers and their families. The Carpenters Funds will be awarded over $27M, representing the total amount of unpaid benefit contributions owed for work performed on ACS projects, along with unpaid interest and liquidated damages.

The New York Daily News reports that “Manhattan Federal Court Judge Colleen McMahon found that Navillus Tile fraudulently invented an alter-ego company to try and get around collectively bargained agreements it had with several major city construction unions.” Attorney Tom Kennedy, who represented the coalition of union benefit funds, stated that it is also is a strong warning to other New York companies looking to cheat their way out of union contracts.

Funds v. Navillus – Court’s Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law