Sign the Petition: Buy American!

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“Buy American” has become a popular phrase across the country. But here in New York State, the labor movement has been pushing “Buy American” for several years. And now, we are closer than ever to enacting this groundbreaking legislation.

Gov. Cuomo recently introduced strong “Buy American” requirements in his executive budget to help create good paying jobs and keep our tax dollars here at home.

And a recent Siena poll found 82 percent of New Yorkers support giving a preference to American-made products in state procurement.

Now, we need our legislators to make it a reality.

It makes sense to support companies that invest in their U.S. operations, modernize plants to make them safer and more efficient, and create good jobs for American workers. It makes no sense for our state government to send our hard-earned tax dollars overseas where many foreign companies don’t adhere to labor or environmental standards required of American and New York manufactures.

Tell legislators to support “Buy American”

Buy American 2017 Flyer