Apprentices Returning to Work

All apprentices are encouraged to take steps to return to the job sites. To advance to the next level, it is important to accumulate the appropriate number of hours. These hours are required to become a journeyperson. Call the OWL and get on the list. Solicit a contractor and shape a job. For a list of opportunities available, please visit the Unfilled Jobs section of the Members site.

Board of Trustees Approves Temporary Extension of Welfare Coverage & Waiver of Retiree Premiums

The Board of Trustees has approved the following temporary changes to Welfare Fund eligibility and retiree premiums. These changes will be effective for the third quarter of the year (beginning July 1, 2020 for Welfare Fund eligibility and August 1, 2020 for retiree premium waivers).

  • All members who are currently eligible for NYCDCC Welfare Fund coverage will be credited with 250 hours so that they may continue their coverage through the third quarter (July 1 – September 30).
    • This includes anyone who is currently on COBRA or utilizing self-pay hours.
    • This does not include retirees who are currently running out bank hours.
  • Additionally, the Board of Trustees has approved the waiving of retiree premiums for three months beginning August 1, 2020 (August, September, October). The collection of retiree premiums will resume in November unless otherwise notified.

*Please note that this credit is for welfare eligibility purposes only. No credit shall be given towards pension, annuity or vacation.

Empire Office Retrofits Work Spaces in Post-COVID19 Offices

Empire Office is a signatory contractor with the NYC District Council that employs many carpenters 
See link below for an update of what Empire is doing to address COVID19 concerns when companies bring people back to work in offices. View here:

Special Message from EST Geiger on the the “New Normal” Safety Measure to Expect on Job Sites


Important Steps to Follow to Remain Safe on Job Site in Post-COVID Construction Environment