Attention Members: Mandatory Union Activity is Resuming!

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Starting July 1, 2021, all members, including retired members and members from other jurisdiction  who work 99 or more hours in the jurisdiction of the NYCDCC will need to perform mandatory Union Activity by Thursday June 30, 2022. Members will be assessed $500 later in the same year if Union Activity is not completed by June 30th. The member’s UBC work card cannot be updated by the Local until assessments are paid in full.

Keeping COVID in mind and the safety of our members, the NYCDCC is pleased to announce members will receive an email message with their receipt number after completing a Union Activity. All members are advised to contact the NYCDCC with the most updated email address and phone number. If members do not have an email address, members can also view their Union Activity History on the Union Fusion website.

Upon logging into Union Fusion, a member can go to meetings under their Home page and see their Union Activity History. This will allow them access to view all activities throughout the years- no need for paper receipts!

For assistance, please contact Union Activity at 212-366-7810 or the  Communications Department at 212-366-7316.