Workers United Film Festival May 2015

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Workers Unite Film Festival Coming Up!


The Workers Unite Film Festival returns to celebrate its 4th consecutive year in NYC championing global labor solidarity! From May 7th to May 27th WUFF will showcase films from around the world @ Cinema Village, Anthology Film Archives, the historic Lithographers Auditorium on University Place and several union venues around town. WUFF highlights the struggles and successes of workers in their efforts to unite and organize for social justice.


On May 14th, WUFF focuses on the fair treatment of immigrants to the US by screening The Hand That Feeds and Food Chains two prize-winning films that take a look at the exploitation rampant in the U.S. food chain, and the worker led struggles to end exploitation and wage theft in this heavily immigrant industry.

Other highlights this year include She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, a major look at the history of the Women’s Liberation Movement, screening alongside Girls In The Band, about the amazing female big band musicians overlooked by history.


WUFF will also have 2 screenings of We Are Wisconsin, part of our “Fight Right To Work” efforts. The film details the efforts to stop manipulators of Citizens United like the Koch Brothers and WI Gov. Scott Walker from rolling back 75 years of labor union legal rights under the misleading “right to work laws.”


A special event occurs May 22nd at the Joseph F. Murphy Institute for Labor Studies, where we will screen Blood Fruit, the real-life David and Goliath story of twelve unionized grocery clerks in Ireland, who, during the last days of apartheid, refused to handle South African “blood fruit” and went on strike. We are honored to have the original members of this group join us in NYC for this incredible event.


Our gala closing night event will be May 26th at the Anthology Film Archives where we will host a world premier screening of the documentary Blood on the Mountain. Already being hailed as “the new Harlan County,” this film is supported by both the AFL-CIO (President Richard Trumka is a key subject in the film) and the Sierra Club. This will be their first joint effort to address the issues of climate change while transitioning to good green jobs from dying pollution heavy industries. The film details the plunder of West Virginia by out of control corporations and the corrupt politicians who do their bidding.


The Workers Unite! Film Festival takes place from May 7th to the 27th. Tickets are $7 per show, $12 for full day of films, $22 for any two days and $75 for all 20 days, with a student /senior discount for the full event pass @ $50. Please head to the Workers Unite Film Festival site for the full listing of show times and events.



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