Joseph A. Geiger

Executive Secretary-Treasurer


Executive Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Geiger was sworn in as the EST on Feb. 12, 2014. He became a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in 1984, when he joined Local 1536. Throughout his esteemed career, Joe has proudly served as Warden and Treasurer of Local 1536, President of Locals 1536 and 1556, as well as Trustee for the District Council of Carpenters. In each position, Joe has employed a level of confidence and competency, and promoted a sense of leadership and advocacy for the rights and well-being of the membership.


During his tenure with the Timbermen, Geiger made his way up the ranks, starting as a Timberman Helper. His continued hard work and success allowed him to move up as a Journeyman, a Shop Steward and eventually a Foreman.

In 2005, having always had an excellent rapport with the membership, and a strong desire to allow for open lines of communication, he became a Business Representative. A self described ‘people person,’ his no nonsense attitude and genuine dedication to the members has earned him a great deal of respect from members and colleagues alike.

As EST, Geiger, a born leader who has always fought hard in support of the union, is committed to restoring confidence and camaraderie within the District Council.

Geiger is a first generation member of the union, and married with 4 children.





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Michael Cavanaugh
Vice President

Vice President Michael Cavanaugh began his career as a United Brotherhood of Carpenters member and millwright apprentice 32 years ago. Throughout his storied career, Cavanaugh has held various leadership positions, including certified shop steward, foreman and general foreman. In each position, he has worked hard to earn the respect of his union brothers and sisters by fighting for their jurisdiction and treating them with respect.


During his time as a millwright apprentice, Cavanaugh attended the New York District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College and upon completion; he competed in the New York City and New York State Apprentice Contest where he finished in first place. In order to pass along the skills and positive attitude he garnered through the years, Cavanaugh decided to become an evening instructor at the Labor Technical College until the implementation of the day program.


From there, he became a Trustee in Local 740 in 1995. In addition, he served as a Financial Secretary Delegate and an Executive Delegate all while remaining a loyal, dedicated leader and advocate for his local. He’s also held positions on the By-Law Committee, the Scholarship Committee and the District Council Trial Committee.


In 2005, Cavanaugh became a Business Representative for Millwright Local 740 and later served as Business Manager. As Vice President, Cavanaugh remains a dedicated advocate for the rank and file and all workers’ rights. He is committed to making the right decisions that will benefit all members including contentious issues such as retirement and health care benefits.


Cavanaugh is a third generation member of the Carpenters and married with three children.